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Hero Council

To get the Hero Council click on the building shown below:

Once in you can assign heros to the counsil or change assignments

Click on the picture and you can compare stats

You can change appointments if you want

There are several reasons you would change appointments

1) Gathering and Production

Some heros have talents for resource gathering and production

-- Appoint Evaine the Bestower as the Master Herald (reduce building and research time)
-- Appoint Ieuit the Fair as High Steward (reduce construction and research requirements)
-- Appoint Sir Pelleas or Sir Gareth as High Constable (Increase production and gathering of food and iron or silver)
-- Appoint Lady Cerys or Elyan the White as Keeper of the Seal (Resource production and gathering speed)

2) Stamina

Appoint Sir Gaheris as Master Herald for faster stamina recovery

3) Warrior

When you are expecting to attack or defend your city switch to heros that have appropiate talents


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