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Gold Event

To see the gold event first click on Event Center in the upper right corner of your screen

Next click on Gold Event Kingdom Raid

Then click on the second tab to see the current stage

Stages can change each day, look at the time left on the stage

The First stage is the Magic Spire stage

The Second stage is Construction and Research stage

== set up Hero Council as follows:
-- Appoint Evaine the Bestower as the Master Herald (reduce building and research time)
-- Appoint Ieuit the Fair as High Steward (reduce construction and research requirements)
-- Appoint Sir Pelleas or Sir Gareth as High Constable (Increase production and gathering of food and iron or silver)
-- Appoint Lady Cerys or Elyan the White as Keeper of the Seal (Resource production and gathering speed)

The Third stage is Kill Monster & Barbarian stage

The Fourth stage is Training stage

The Fifth stage is Raid stage

As you collect more points you will see the bar move up. When you get enough points you will be sent treasure by mail

Click the button in email to claim


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